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.NET wrapper for the Broodwar API (BWAPI) and Broodwar Terrain Analyzer (BWTA)
.NET wrapper for the Broodwar API (BWAPI) and Broodwar Terrain Analyzer (BWTA) written in C++/CLI

Currently wraps BWAPI 3.7.3

This project is a C++/CLI wrapper for the Broodwar API and Broodwar Terrain Analyzer. This project is also aimed to provide higher level APIs, than the original BWAPI.

WARNING: API may change during development.

Project is in alpha stage, client part of BWAPI is not wrapped, but library can allready run dll AI modules and use Terrain analysis API. Project is built with Visual Studio 2010 and is not binary compatible with original BWAPI because of incompatible runtime libraries. To use this you will have to build the Chaoslauncher part of BWAPI with VS2010. Additional information about how to build all required libraries you can find in source code tree in the Lib\Release folder.

It is highly recommended that you have experience in setting up a BWAPI bot before dealing with this library. For now we do not provide any binaries so you'll have to build it by yourself.

To use AI you have to place Broodwar.dll, Broodwar.dll.config and your AI module into same folder. BWAPI config must point to Broodwar.dll as AI module. Edit .config file. Assembly key must point to your AI assembly (with extension), and Module key must point to class, which implements AiBase. ExampleAIModule ported to C# is also provided.

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